Releasing resources for a building

These are exciting times in Grace Church. We prayed that if God wanted us to move forward on the purchase of a building as a permanent home for Grace Church, that the old Ambulance Station in Chichester or something even better would become available to us. Quite remarkably, God has answered that prayer.

It’s an encouraging first step but there are several more challenges to overcome. The next one is the financial challenge.

To be able to proceed with an offer on the building we need to raise a huge sum of money. It will take a miracle, but then we worship the God of miracles! The question is not “Can God do it?” but simply, “Is this the path that God wants Grace Church to take at this time?” I believe we need to find out, so I am calling every person in Grace Church to follow me in considering an extraordinary level of sacrificial giving.

Please watch this video, which explains more about this building opportunity, the financial challenge it presents and how we plan to move forward with a ‘pledge offering’ this January. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.